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November 28, 2012

Dear Friend of Sunrise House:

We would like to express our gratitude for the past financial support of the efforts at Sunrise House Foundation in its mission of treating individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction, their families, and children.

Through previous donations, we were able to open a halfway house for men in need of continuing treatment; offering them the opportunity to work, obtain health care, and lead productive lives. Without your generous donation, we would not have been able to make this goal a reality.

Past donations have also assisted us in obtaining a passenger van for transporting mothers and children in our "Mommy and Me" Program to pediatric appointments, high risk neonatal clinics, school.


Your contributions made it possible to provide enhanced treatment to those dealing with the trauma of having been sexually and physically abused.


In addition, we have been able to begin the construction of a safe outdoor play area for their children while in treatment.


Currently, we provide services for 32 infants and toddlers and their mothers. Without these necessary treatment services, families would be destroyed, the children would face the ravages of being brought up in foster homes and their mothers would continue to destroy themselves through drug and alcohol addiction.


Your support has assisted us in these very important programs that save families, break the cycle of addiction, and save infants from abuse by addicted parents.


Again, the financial support to Sunrise House, from both stale and public sectors, has been significantly reduced due lo government spending cuts and the increasing limitations of insurance companies which limit treatment to those in need. This results in much fewer dollars to help us care for our patients.


Patients and families who come to Sunrise House are in need of many services both for their addiction and the emotional, social and physical impact of their disease.


We assist patients, their families and children in the quest towards recovery and independence. In addition, we are focusing on our efforts to maintain the beauty of this historic building.


We are asking former patients, their families and friends, as well as community organizations and businesses to help.

We would be happy lo discuss these issues with you, and answer any questions at any time.

Drug addiction threatens more lives than one can imagine, and we continue to stand firm in our commitment to help save these people and their families.

We thank you for your continued support. With profound gratitude,


Philip N. Horowitz, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer