Program Overview

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Focus on the Client

Individual Treatment
Sunrise House uses a compassionate, client-focused approach to treating your addiction and co-occurring disorders. Following thorough psychological and medical assessment, we develop individualized treatment for you or your loved one. By customizing care, we address specific drug or alcohol addiction circumstances to help focus on clinical issues and recovery goals. Our programs are built upon research-based therapeutic modalities, individualized treatment planning, and 12-Step recovery principles that will empower you.

Ready for Change

Facing Your Issues
Some clients aren’t quite ready to tackle their addiction when they arrive at our facility. That’s okay. At Sunrise House, our licensed therapists use Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques to “meet the clients where they are” in terms of readiness for change. With compassion and encouragement, we work to move them from ambivalence towards the desire for genuine change in their lives. MI is an effective, client-focused, and collaborative approach. We work with our clients to recognize their personal strengths, values, and recovery goals to face the issues they feel ready to tackle. We can help our clients recognize the choices, changes, and adjustments necessary to move towards a more positive lifestyle.

You’re Different

Unique Treatment Needs
The disease of addiction is unique for each person entering our program. Because everyone has a different life story, personal history, and psychosocial stressors, one treatment plan can’t work for every client. We know this and will treat you or your loved one with dignity and respect. Our customized treatment plans are developed by examining each client’s strengths, treatment needs, coping abilities, and preferences. By taking into consideration these factors, our treatment team can work with you and your loved ones to determine treatment priorities. Upon admission to Sunrise House and throughout the treatment stay, our clinical team will evaluate your progress and adjust the treatment plan as clinically necessary.

12-Step Meetings

A Judgment-Free Zone
Sunrise House incorporates 12-Step principles and philosophy as an important component of our treatment program. Along with group and individual therapy, participation in 12-Step meetings provides you with a structured, supportive atmosphere without judgment. For many clients, a peer group composed of members who struggle with similar issues is a safe environment to talk about their feelings, struggles, and personal recovery stories. Attending 12-Step groups has been shown to increase lengths of abstinence (Journal of Substance Addiction Treatment, April 2014).