Drug-Related Deaths Across New Jersey


Drug addiction is a serious problem throughout America – more than 72,000 Americans lost their lives in 2017 alone due to drug use. Sadly, data shows that drug overdoses from benzodiazepines, cocaine, opioids, and psychostimulants, including methamphetamine, that result in death are all on the rise.

In the most recent data from the CDC, it was found that New Jersey showed a statistically significant increase in drug overdose deaths. We wondered why this was, so we decided to take a closer look at the data to see just what this looked like on a county- and gender-level and we found some incredibly interesting, and eye-opening, results.

Drug overdose deaths by county chart

Looking at the available data for New Jersey as a whole, we can see that Camden County has the most drug-induced deaths with 1,008 since 2010. Ocean County and Essex County follow closely behind with 812 and 719 drug overdose deaths respectively.

Interestingly, the counties with the lowest instances of drug overdose deaths are grouped together, comprising of Hunterdon County with 10 deaths, Sussex County 10 deaths, and Warren County with 12 deaths since 2010.

Alcohol-induced deaths by county chart

If we look at the available county data for alcohol-induced deaths, the numbers do drop significantly. Middlesex County has the highest count with 146 deaths since 2010. Essex County and Monmouth County follow closely behind with 118 and 106 deaths respectively.

The counties with the fewest alcohol-related deaths include Sussex County with 10 deaths, Atlantic County with 20 deaths, and Union County with 21 deaths.

Drug overdose deaths by gender chart

When we break down drug-induced deaths by gender, males are overall much more susceptible to succumb to them with there being 553% more male deaths than female deaths across New Jersey.

Counties with the highest amounts of female drug overdose deaths include Camden County with 220 female deaths, Essex County with 185 female deaths, and Ocean County with 160 female deaths.

Drug and alcohol-related deaths by year

If we go back to 2010, we can see a staggering increase in drug overdose deaths throughout New Jersey. In fact, since 2010 there has been a dramatic 944% increase in drug overdose deaths alone.

Alcohol-related deaths fluctuated during the study period and they hit a low in 2015. However, the latest figures are down by only 6.4% from 2010 figures.

In conclusion, it is clear that New Jersey has a fatal drug overdose problem which disproportionately affects males and is focused in hotspot counties of Camden, Essex, and Ocean.

Illegal drug use is a major problem throughout the country with the effects of these drugs negatively impacting millions of lives. Just like many other chronic diseases, drug addiction can be managed and treated successfully, allowing people to counteract the disruptive and negative effects drugs have on their brain and behavior so that they can regain control of their lives.

If you know anyone in your life who is suffering from drug addiction find out more about how you can help.


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