Meet Your Local Outreach Team

Meet our team of outreach coordinators in your area. Our outreach staff are there every step of the way as you and your loved ones make the life-changing decision to start treatment.

Dana Romano, Senior Regional Outreach Coordinator

North Jersey 

Dana Romano

Dana joined American Addiction Centers (AAC) in 2014 and comes from the world of direct care, working with both patients and family members. For 20 years, Dana has worked on the clinical side of treatment and transitioned to outreach as a way of bridging the gap between families and programs. Working with our patients and their family members is what Dana values most.

As a Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Dana connects to other providers in the community and works closely with Sunrise House to support patients through all stages of treatment.

Reena Vyas, Senior Outreach Coordinator

Central NJ

Reena Vyas

Reena has been with AAC for over a year. She comes from the hospital world and direct care, working with patients, their families, and other providers in the community to provide a comprehensive approach. Reena’s experience in private practice also allows her the opportunity to connect families to the support they need while their loved one is in treatment.

In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, Reena holds a CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) certification. Her ability to maintain a calm, comforting, and supportive demeanor during crisis provides family members an added sense of confidence at a difficult time.

Nicole Wolf, Outreach Associate

Manhattan/Westchester, NY & Fairfield County, CT

Nicole Wolf

Nicole joined AAC in 2013, originally hailing from San Diego, CA. Throughout the years, Nicole has held many positions at AAC and is proud to have recently transitioned to her role as Outreach Associate. Having been in recovery for more than 8 years, Nicole is grateful that her career is aligned with her passion for giving back and helping others find recovery.

Nicole values the importance of those early conversations with a patient, offering her own wisdom and remaining a sounding board as patients work through the decision to seek treatment.

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