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Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox: What It’s Like & What to Expect

A guide to the top-tier medical detox program at Sunrise House in New Jersey

What Is Medical Detox for Drugs and Alcohol Like?

What Is Medical Detox for Drugs and Alcohol?

A medical detox program for drugs and alcohol involves around-the-clock care administered by medical professionals to help you safely come off of drugs and alcohol.1 When a person has a substance use disorder, the body can develop a physical and psychological dependence.2 Withdrawal is one sign of dependence that happens when a person stops or cuts back their use.
Average Daily Schedule for Medical Detox

Average Daily Schedule for Medical Detox

An average day in medical detox at Sunrise House involves focused therapy sessions and free time to participate in recreational activities.
A Typical Day at Sunrise House
7:00 am
Wake Up
7:45 am
8:45 am
Media Time
9:30 am
Group Therapy
11:45 am
12:55 am
Small Process Group
3:05 pm
Group Therapy
5:05 pm
6:00 pm
Free Time
10:30 pm
Lights Out
Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Detox in New Jersey?

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Detox in New Jersey?

Yes, most health insurance covers medical detox programs in New Jersey. Health insurance companies are required to provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorders at the same level of benefits as medical and surgical care.6 The exact coverage depends on your plan and the treatment facility.
Why Choose the Sunrise House Medical Detox Program?

Why Choose the Sunrise House Medical Detox Program?

Sunrise House Treatment Center, a rehab in New Jersey, is located on 22 acres of mountainous land. Once a monastery, the calm and peaceful setting makes it an optimal choice for anyone seeking a refuge from daily life to focus on recovery.

Compassionate Detox Program

Our team is dedicated to your recovery. From detox to aftercare, we pair effective treatment with empathy and a supportive community.

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    Reach Out to An Admissions Navigator

    Start your recovery today with the help of an admissions navigator. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, verify insurance coverage, and enroll you in an effective detox program.

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    Detox in a Safe Environment

    At Sunrise House, you'll detox under 24-hour medical supervision. The expert team of doctors and nurses has years of experience with substance use disorders and focuses on keeping you safe and comfortable.

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    Continue With Personalized Treatment

    We understand the importance of tailoring treatment to your individual needs. Our clinical team employs evidence-based therapies and works with you to create a customized treatment plan.