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Addiction Treatment Covered by UnitedHealthcare and Optum

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and Optum both operate under the parent company, UnitedHealth Group. UHC is a national insurer that provides healthcare coverage and benefits to individuals, families, and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Optum works with UHC, other insurers and health systems, and employers to help provide specialty health and wellness services to their members.1

UHC/Optum coverage is available in the tristate area. Several local rehab facilities are part of its vast provider network, including Sunrise House Treatment Center in Lafayette, NJ.2

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can access UHC/Optum drug rehab coverage and the different types of addiction treatment they may cover in the tristate area. Discovering how to use and maximize your healthcare benefits is an important first step in the journey to recovery.

Do UHC and Optum Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, with UHC/Optum’s comprehensive offering of consumer-oriented health benefits packages and services, you can be assured of some level of coverage for addiction treatment.

The amount covered by insurance will depend on the type of policy and tier level you have. However, due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate, all Marketplace insurance plans must cover mental health and substance abuse in some capacity.3 Additionally, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, passed in 2008, says that coverage for mental health and substance abuse must be distributed at the same level as other basic medical needs.4

Most UHC/Optum plans abide by the ACA and even go beyond it. They understand the challenges presented by substance use disorders and provide coverage for evidenced-based substance abuse rehab, within their behavioral health solutions plan.5

UHC/Optum in-network inpatient rehab and substance abuse treatment is available in the northeastern states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Sunrise House Treatment Center is located in Lafayette, NJ, making it ideal and convenient for tristate residents.

To see if your UHC/Optum plan covers addiction treatment at Sunrise House, use our . We’ll email you back within minutes, confirming important insurance details and next steps.

How to Use UHC and Optum Insurance to Pay for Rehab in New Jersey

There are several ways to use UHC/Optum health insurance to pay for rehab.

As an initial step, register online to access your UHC/Optum account, see your benefits package, check eligibility, search for providers, and more. Register or sign in for access here.

Alternatively, call the number on the back of your insurance card to talk to someone directly.

If you find that you need preauthorization, our admissions navigators can help you through every step of the process. Contact us at anytime for immediate answers to all your questions about paying for rehab and getting started on the path to sobriety.

Treatments & Therapies Covered by UnitedHealthcare and Optum

Getting the right type of treatment can be just as essential as taking that first step in recovery. You may have access to several varieties of treatment approaches and therapeutic settings, as well as different levels of intensity within each of these options.

A combination of effective treatment options may be tailored to each individual based on their specific recovery needs.9

Cost of Addiction Treatment with UHC and Optum Health Insurance

The cost of addiction treatment with UHC/Optum will vary based on a person’s deductible, co-payment and/or co-insurance, and specific insurance policy. Total costs may depend on the range of treatment(s) needed to manage the substance use disorder and any related medical issues.

It is generally less expensive to seek treatment at an in-network rehab facility, like Sunrise House Treatment Center in Lafayette, NJ. But most quality rehabilitation programs offer different forms of financial assistance and payment options to help defray the cost of addiction treatment.

Benefits of Using UHC and Optum Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Using your UHC/Optum insurance for rehab coverage in the Northeast and tristate region is beneficial because you will have access to excellent care. Health insurance can also help significantly lower the cost of treatment.

Top-tier facilities, like Sunrise House, help meet the area’s ongoing drug crisis. In 2019, New Jersey had 98,628 treatment admissions.10 Of those, 48% suffered from an opioid use disorder and 31% had an alcohol use disorder.10

To learn more about your insurance benefits and verify your coverage, fill out the quick and secure form below. Navigating the world of insurance can be complicated, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. We are here to help you begin your journey to recovery by taking the first step today.

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