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Learn about customized addiction rehab available for Veterans & first responders or check your benefits for coverage of addiction treatment services.
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Addiction Treatment for Veterans and First Responders

At Sunrise House Treatment Center, we offer specialized care for military veterans and first responders struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Vets & First Responders Have a Place Here

Veterans and first responders have unique experiences and unique needs when it comes to treatment for addiction.

The specialized program for Veterans and first responders at Sunrise House Treatment Center offers a safe place for those who have served our country to receive specialized care for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

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Program Details

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Why Choose Sunrise House?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for Community Care with the VA?

The VA provides a list of criteria for eligibility for community care. Should you be eligible, you can search for any VA-approved community care provider, such as Sunrise House Treatment Center.

What Happens in Treatment?

For many people, treatment for addiction starts with a brief period in medical detox. Because withdrawal from many substances can be uncomfortable—sometimes dangerous—supervised withdrawal is commonly recommended to ensure safety and comfort.

Once you’re feeling well enough to participate in treatment, an average day in our Veteran and first responder program at Sunrise House involves group therapy, drug and alcohol education, recreational activities, recovery groups, and more. You may have free time to exercise in our gym, journal, or spend unstructured time with your peers.

How can I get myself or a loved one admitted?

We make the admissions process easy. You can fill out our or simply call us immediately for help at . We’ll get some information from you about what you’re looking for in a treatment program and how we can best help and then walk you through the steps to take to enter our program.

The Future Awaits

See how our alumni rate their time at Sunrise House Treatment Center and how recovery changed their lives.

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