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Brand Promise Details

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We believe you can succeed & we back up that belief with our brand promise

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Understanding the root of your addiction is an important part of treatment and recovery. At Sunrise House, we help clients identify their unique addiction and aftercare needs to customize a treatment plan that best serves their needs.

90 Consecutive Days

In order to qualify under the terms of this offer, you must successfully complete 90 consecutive days of treatment as prescribed by counselors and staff at a facility owned and operated by American Addiction Centers, Inc. (“AAC”) commencing on or after September 1, 2012.

Apply for Treatment

To apply for your complimentary 30-days of treatment you must first contact an authorized American
Addiction Centers Admissions Navigator at (973) 862-4820.

Treatment Centers

AAC shall have complete discretion in assigning the proper treatment center location for you. If at or around the time of relapse there are no current vacancies, AAC, in its sole discretion, may postpone the admittance to a date when there is availability in one of its corporate-owned treatment centers.

Forfeiture of Treatment

If admitted for treatment under the Brand Promise, any departure from the treatment facility for any reason whatsoever, prior to the completion of the entire complimentary 30-days will result in the forfeiture of any remaining balance of days.

Travel to Facility

You will be responsible for transportation to the facility or the airport nearest to the facility.

Expenses & Fees

This Brand Promise covers the cost of your stay at the facility only. Any additional charges, such as medications, will be your responsibility.

Non-transferable Offer

This offer is non-transferable, may only be used once, and the complimentary 30 days must be used