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Sunrise House has been providing rehab in Lafayette, New Jersey for over 40+ years. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in New Jersey was once a monastery and is an easy drive or ride from most areas in New York Metro area. We are a certified and accredited American Addiction Center's Facility, providing care for adults struggling with substance and alcohol use disorders.

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Your addiction treatment at Sunrise House includes evidence-based, individualized care and treatment. Find hope at our alcohol and drug rehab in Lafayette, New Jersey.

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Your stay at our our New Jersey rehab center for alcohol and drug abuse will be comfortable and safe. When you’re not in treatment or therapy, there are plenty of things to do. Discover all of our Lafayette rehabilitation services and amenities today.

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Our drug and alcohol treatment center is set on 22 acres in the mountains of Sussex County, New Jersey. Sunrise House’s serene setting encourages introspection, calm, and recovery from substance use disorders.

Address: 37 Sunset Inn Rd, Lafayette Township, NJ 07848


If you successfully complete our 90-day treatment program, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

* Results may vary, and terms and conditions may apply. For more information, visit us here.

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It’s a place that cares

When I arrived at the place, I felt like I was going to be okay… This place is dual-diagnosis so its not only drugs or alcohol but also depression or something else. I wanted to be treated… I feel really good now.

I understand why I have a problem

Any problem that I’ve ever had, drinking was involved… They give you the tools or help the build foundation to be successful when you leave.

I do have a problem

I’ve never been to a rehab. I never thought I’d be able to come to a place like this. I’m just incredibly grateful… The people here care about you.

Physically & mentally, I feel stronger.

I got tired of seeing everyone smiling and being happy… asking myself “what are they so happy about?”. I want to feel that… It has changed my life. In some ways, it's saved me from me.

I don’t want to be the person I was

I have got to fix me so I don’t drink and go back to old behavior. That is what I learned here. How to fix my behavior, how to deal with life… I’m confident about going home.

Sunrise House Treatment Center Reviews

From Google reviews to Facebook reccomendations, see why people choose Sunrise House Treatment Center for life-changing care.

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Bryanfrom Google

full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating 1 month ago

Every detox and rehab is hard. You get what you put in as far as the ones I've seen and cost to benefit ratio I would say this place is top notch

AQuann87from Google

full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating full-star-rating 4 months ago

Had a great experience at sunrise house. It not only saves my life but made me a better person and father

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48 reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is smoking allowed at your rehab center?

If you'd like to smoke cigarettes while at treatment, you can. All of American Addiction Centers' facilities have space set aside as designated smoking areas. However, our facilities do not sell cigarettes, so you'll need to bring unopened packs or cartons with you when you come. Alternatively, you can receive cigarettes through the mail from family or friends during your stay, just make sure they are factory sealed.

Do you accept pregnant women?

Our drug and alcohol treatment program in New Jersey accepts medically-stable pregnant women into treatment at the discretion of our medical professionals.

Will someone pick me up from home, the airport or bus station?

Yes, Sunrise House can make sure you get to our drug and alcohol rehab center in Lafayette, New Jersey. Included is transportation services for both our inpatient programs and some of our outpatient services. Please inform us on when you expect to arrive so we can be there to get you.

Do you offer translator services or programs in languages other than English?

Translation services are available at Sunrise House when needed. Some of American Addiction Centers’ locations are more likely to have the service you need than others. Please let us know about your need for a translator as soon as you can to make sure we can accommodate.

What is the cost? How do I pay for it? Will they accept my insurance?

Addiction treatment costs will vary from person to person and facility to facility. At Sunrise House, we accept many different private insurance plans. You are also able to pay to for treatment out of pocket. If the initial cost is too much, we can work with you on a payment plan. Please note that we don’t accept Medicaid or Medicare. You can find out more information on paying for treatment here.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Safety is Sunrise House’s topmost concern, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our patients and staff feel safe while on our premises. In the event of a natural disaster, we’ll move or release our patients that are impacted, and we’ll stop admission to Sunrise House if necessary. If you have a medical emergency during treatment, we’ll follow the directions you provided when you were admitted, and contact the person you provided to us as an emergency contact. Also, if you have a loved one at our facility and need to reach them due to a family emergency, please call us at 973-383-6300.

Can couples attend your rehab in NJ together?

Yes, couples can attend treatment together. Please note that you will not be allowed to share the same room, however.

Is treatment voluntary and can I leave anytime I want?

If you believe you or a loved one is a danger to themselves,  please reach out for help immediately. The National Suicide Hotline is a great resource: 1-800-273-8255, as is SAMHSA: 1-800-662-4357. Treatment at our facilities is voluntary. Although we think it’s in your best interest to complete your program, we’ll never force you to stay in treatment. You may benefit from using our counseling services in this instance.