What to Know When Your Loved One Is at Sunrise House

What Will My Loved One Be Doing in Treatment?

Your loved one will be participating in various forms of group therapy and treatment sessions at Sunrise House

Your loved one will spend the bulk of their time at Sunrise House participating in various forms of group therapy. While the specific type of group will change depending on their unique needs, group therapy is the keystone of treatment at Sunrise House.

Your loved one will also attend individual therapy once a week and will participate in group discussions and various reflective practices and holistic therapies. They will receive three full chef-prepared meals each day and have a lengthy afternoon break to visit the fitness center, explore the facility’s scenic grounds, rest and relax, read, and contact family and friends.

From day one, your loved one will work with the treatment team to create a comprehensive aftercare plan so that they can maintain their recovery when they leave our program.

Can I Talk to Him or Her?

Sunrise House encourages family and friends to maintain contact; however, we do not allow any direct communication with the patient during the detox period due to the sensitive nature of the process. A Family Counselor will reach out to family to provide updates as to the patient’s status, as well helpful information about addiction and the treatment process.

After detox is complete, patients and their loved ones may contact one another.

Pay phones are available at the facility, and cellphones and laptops are returned to the patient after they have completed the Cellphone Detox program, where they learn to remove triggers from their phone and get acquainted with recovery-oriented apps.

Skype and Facetime calls are permitted during the patient’s free time.  

What if I Can’t Reach My Loved One?

The staff at Sunrise House understand that it can be worrying if you do not hear from your loved one. Upon your loved one’s intake, you will be contacted by one of our Family Counselors. The Family Counselor will keep you updated with your loved one’s treatment progress and medical condition, provide information about the treatment process, and help plan visits to the facility.

If you ever need peace of mind, your assigned Family Counselor will be able to give you a status update on your loved one.

Does Sunrise House Allow Gifts?

Families are generally allowed to bring gifts, so long as they are items permitted on the facility.

Money, toiletries, books, and other gifts are permitted, provided they are unopened and non-alcoholic in nature. 

Sunrise House does not permit large electronics, such as televisions and personal gaming consoles, to be brought as gifts. We also ask that families do not bring food.

What Is My Role?

Sunrise House encourages families to be involved with their loved one’s recovery. We offer:

  • Family counseling.
  • Family lectures.
  • Family visitation.

Your Family Counselor will work with you during the entire course of your loved one’s treatment, from intake to discharge, distributing relevant information and helping to facilitate visits.

It’s also important to take stock and address your own feelings during this time. The Recovery App—available to the family members of Sunrise House patients and alumni—enables you to interact with other families in the same situation, as well as read and watch helpful content curated by the Family Support Team. The interactions you have in this online community will not be visible to your loved one.

Family Visits

Sunrise house accept family and friends visits on every Wednesday

While the number of visits will depend on the length of time in treatment, families are encouraged to visit during the approved hours every other Wednesday.

Family and friends are also encouraged to attend medallion ceremonies and other alumni events with their loved ones.

How Do You Get to Sunrise House?

The closest airport is Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), which is located about 50 miles away (roughly a one-hour drive).


Nearby hotels include a Holiday Inn Express in the nearby town of Sparta (about 5.5 miles away), as well as a bed and breakfast, The Wooden Duck, in the nearby town of Newton (about 6.5 miles away).