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Sunrise House Treatment Center

Our Lafayette, NJ addiction treatment facility offers multiple levels of rehab care to cater to each individual's unique needs. Patients may move through multiple levels of addiction treatment based on clinical need throughout their stay at our New Jersey rehab facility.

What Level of Addiction Treatment is Right for You?

AAC continuum of care

Our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab facility provides a comprehensive continuum of care featuring levels of addiction treatment based on the patient’s particular substance use history and treatment recommendations. A patient may move to another level of rehab care based on clinical need throughout their treatment.

Upon arrival at our inpatient addiction treatment facility in Lafayette, NJ, patients will undergo medical and psychosocial assessments with our clinical staff where they are evaluated for addiction severity, psychosocial history, general physical health, and any ongoing medical conditions. These evaluations help our staff determine the appropriate level of care.

Sunrise House Levels of Care

Our Lafayette, New Jersey addiction treatment facility offers the following levels of drug and alcohol rehab care care:

  • Medical detox.
  • Residential treatment (RT).

Also a large part of every patient’s care is aftercare planning. This refers to the creation of a plan for how to stay on one’s recovery path when treatment ends. It may entail moving into an outpatient program, residing in a sober living facility, attending recovery meetings, and more.

Photos of Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility in New Jersey

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Medical Detox

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Medical detoxification (detox) is available as a vital first step in addiction treatment, though not all patients will require this step. At Sunrise House, ensuring your safety is imperative. During the medical and psychosocial assessments at admission, our clinical staff determines whether you need to begin with this step.

Whether medical detox will be necessary will depend current substance use, length of abuse, drug of choice, and physical dependence. During detox, you will be given a private room and 24/7 medical supervision as your body adjusts to the reduction in any substances on which you are dependent.

What To Expect In Medical Detox

Not every individual in detox has the clinical need for medication during the withdrawal process. The licensed medical staff at our detox facility in New Jersey takes into account the individual, substances used, and other factors to safely manage their detox. We use detox methods that are tailored to the specific toxic substance being eliminated from the client’s system. Our skilled staff is knowledgeable about symptoms, protocols, and nuances of withdrawal from numerous drugs.

The medical detox process generally takes 4-7 days but can take longer depending on the substance. After completing detox, you will be evaluated by our multidisciplinary treatment staff and begin your individualized treatment plan at the appropriate care level.

Residential Addiction Treatment

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Sunrise House’s residential rehab facility in Lafayette, New Jersey is designed to help patients rethink their ideas of recovery and how the world around them can affect their addictive behaviors. This level of care provides a sober environment supported by supervision and 24/7 monitoring from medical and clinical staff in the structured residential setting of our facility.

During your time in our inpatient addiction treatment center, you will partake in a variety of individual, group, and holistic therapy sessions in order to gain the skills needed to achieve long-term recovery.

What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab

Rehab Aftercare Planning

Sunrise House New Jersey

As part of our patient-centric approach, Sunrise House staff will assist you with discharge planning and aftercare to ensure you have the tools you’ll need for life in recovery. We’ll help you make a smooth transition back into your home life, employment, and community at large.

Aftercare planning prepares you for ongoing improvements in all areas of your life following graduation from Sunrise House. This process includes recommendations for continued care with a psychiatrist, therapist, and/or physician as clinically necessary.

We also offer a variety of lectures, such as technology in recovery, to prepare you for challenges you are likely to face at home. As treatment nears its end, you will have meetings with the alumni and discharge staff to receive information on local AA chapters, sober living facilities, and outpatient programs.

Once you have completed treatment, you will become part of Sunrise House’s alumni network, and be invited to attend online groups with other alumni, or to return to the facility for medallion ceremonies.

Although Sunrise House doesn’t currently offer partial hospitalization or outpatient programs, a number of our other facilities do. Call and one of our caring Admissions Navigators will help you find the right facility for your needs.

What Makes Us Unique

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Industry Accredited, Exceptional Care

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and it’s apparent in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the accreditations and memberships we hold.

We’ve Supported Thousands With Their Recovery

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Aug 1, 2022
The staff at Sunrise House Treatment Center was extremely polite, accommodative, and responsive. They all seemed genuinely interested in providing the best patient care, and were truly invested in the recovery journey of their patients. In terms of amenities, the food in particular was very good, the beds were comfortable, and the facilities were very scenic.
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