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Specialized Program

Salute to Recovery

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment for Military Veterans and First Responders


American Addiction Centers’ Salute to Recovery program at Sunrise House creates a safe environment for vets and first responders living with substance abuse and mental health disorders to learn how to cope, heal, and establish a path toward continued recovery.

Who Qualifies?

Military and First Responders

At Sunrise House’s serene campus in New Jersey, the Salute to Recovery Program gives a range of service members a chance to find sobriety amongst their peers—people who have similar life experience. Many professions qualify, including:

  • Military veterans from all branches.
  • Firefighters.
  • Police officers.
  • Emergency medical service providers.
  • Dispatchers.
  • Correctional officers.

What You'll Learn

American Addiction Centers, in conjunction with Employment Assistance Professionals, has created a program that includes wide-ranging curriculum that addresses the whole vet or first responder, mind and body. The Salute to Recovery program includes:

  • First responder and military culture.
  • The hypervigilant rollercoaster.
  • Character and values.
  • Impact of stress.
  • Post-traumatic responses.
  • Family and relationships.
  • Cognitive distortions.
  • Needs in recovery.
  • Pain management.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Relapse prevention.
A Look Inside

Our Facility

Why choose Sunrise House for your recovery? Take a look to see if our grounds are the right fit for you.

Our Mission

Our Mission

An estimated 18-22 veterans die by suicide every day. The goal of the Salute to Recovery program is to provide lifesaving treatment for substance use and mental health disorders within this subset of the population to those who have provided our country with so much. Treatment for mental and substance use disorders is often just the first step, so we also work to make sure our patients are set up with the resources they need for success after leaving our program.

What We Offer

You can expect evidence-based treatment and therapies in Sunrise House’s Salute to Recovery program. See what you will learn in treatment with us.

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    Proven Therapies

    Qualified doctors, therapists, and counselors lead our programs at Sunrise House. From cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to cognitive processing therapy, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best treatment science has to offer.

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    Trauma Groups

    Experiencing trauma is often an unfortunate reality of the work that military veterans and first responders do. Our program will help you learn to process trauma so it doesn’t continue to control your life.

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    Coping Skills

    Coping not only with trauma, but also the stress and anxiety you experience in everyday life, is a difficult skill to develop when you have a substance use disorder. We’ll give you the tools for both sobriety and stress management.

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    Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

    Stress, drug or alcohol use, and trauma can influence how you exhibit anger. This program can provide you with tools to productively communicate your anger and help you resolve conflicts.

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    Family and Couples Counseling

    Has drug or alcohol use affected your relationships? Sunrise House offers counseling that involves your family so you can begin to repair the relationships most important to you.

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    12-Step Facilitation and Community-Based Support Group Meetings

    12-Step programs and other support groups have helped many veterans find and maintain sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

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    Alternative Therapies

    From music and art therapy to other stress management and relaxation classes like yoga, our alternative therapies available at Sunrise House complement our suite of standard therapies.

We Are Community Care Providers

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The Veterans Affairs’ network of approved community care providers was created to provide extra support for veteran’s physical and mental health needs. If you cannot find the drug or alcohol treatment you need within the VA, you may be able to choose Sunrise House for your care. Reach out to one of our Admissions Navigators to learn more.