Specialized Treatment

Young Adults

Our staff recognize that different generations face different problems when struggling with addiction. Treatment for specified age groups is designed with these differences in mind.

Whether one is old or young or somewhere in between, they can expect to have access to groups relevant to their age.

LGBTQ+ Patients 

Inclusivity is the hallmark of modern addiction treatment. At Sunrise House, members of the LGBTQ+ community will be able to participate in a specialized treatment program. Sunrise House currently offers several curriculum groups and lectures focused on the unique struggles that LGBTQ+ individuals face that can lead to or exacerbate addictive behaviors.


At Sunrise House, we utilize the Seeking Safety model of treating those who have experienced trauma and substance abuse. Integrated into group therapy based on the client’s needs, our trauma therapy focuses on recognizing the role PTSD has on substance abuse and how to overcome it.

Additionally, Sunrise House’s counselors have experience working with veterans who have experienced trauma during military service and/or have PTSD.

Gender-Specific Programming

Men and women often face different struggles in this world, and the same is true when they struggle with addiction. Whether these gendered struggles are acting as triggers for substance abuse, or if they are just an extra dimension blocking the way to recovery, they often require specific attention. At Sunrise House, we offer gender-specific programs, most notably a men’s group and a women’s group.

Both the men’s and women’s group meet once a week to tackle problems specific to the relevant groups. Men’s group is often divided to account for age, as well, and works on identifying triggers and learning skills for anger management and relapse prevention. Women’s group similarly focuses on skill development but also places an emphasis on addressing past trauma.