Celebrating Freedom from Drugs & Alcohol at the 4th of July 5K

The 4th of July is often associated with festivities and fireworks, commemorating how hard we fought and continue to fight for freedom. For those who are in recovery, the freedom from drugs and alcohol is worth celebrating every day, especially on the 4th of July.

That’s why about a dozen people who changed their lives at Sunrise House Treatment Center took some extra steps to celebrate sobriety this 4th of July. They hit the pavement for the “Market Street Mission’s Race for Recovery 5K” in Morristown.

For a few of the Sunrise House alumni early in their journey, the race was an introduction to New Jersey’s wider recovery community.

According to one participant, “There’s something really empowering about seeing all these people thriving in recovery and truly enjoying life. I’m at the beginning of my journey but seeing so many people who are sober and genuinely happy is such an inspiration.”

Sunrise House Treatment Center’s Alumni Coordinator, Brianna Louis, says events like this really show the support of the recovery community. “Being in recovery is no easy feat, so when opportunities arise to celebrate such a monumental accomplishment, our alumni couldn’t be more eager to participate.”

A life in recovery doesn’t mean the party is over. After the runners crossed the finish line, there was even more of a reason to celebrate at Sunrise House Treatment Center with a Fourth of July BBQ. The 5K participants and staff enjoyed music, food, and the opportunity to hear alumni speak.

“Not only does the race allow our residents to spend time together training and having fun in a sober environment, but it also serves as an opportunity for the community to join together in support of our loved ones running their own race of recovery,” said the Market Street Mission Race Team. “It is a blessing to host this event to let our residents, those in recovery, and those who have lost loved ones to addiction know that they are not alone. Thank you to everyone who joined our race and made this event possible!”

The Race for Recovery 5k is in its 8th year and participants are proud to continue to make great strides toward celebrating sobriety.

Rehab in New Jersey for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Substance misuse is a nationwide problem, as we see opioid-related overdose deaths surging across the country. In 2021 there were more than 100,000 lives lost primarily due to fentanyl. Last year, the synthetic opioid was responsible for approximately 66% of all opioid deaths.

If you are looking for rehab in New Jersey, Sunrise Treatment Center offers multiple levels of treatment programs including medical detox and residential inpatient rehab.

Our New Jersey rehab facility assists each patient in aftercare planning to help ease the transition back into daily life. For more information reach out to one of our admissions navigators via 888-842-6476 or check out our admissions page.

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