Cocaine or Ecstasy Comedown: Which Is Worse?

Coming down off a high from drug use is usually not a comfortable thing; however, some crashes are more unpleasant than others. This can be based on a number of factors, including how long the person has been using the substance, the dose of the substance, the drug’s mechanism of action, how fast-acting the drug is, and whether or not the person is able to taper off of the drug or not.

The experience of coming down off a drug happens because the drug is being eliminated from the body. This not only results in the high wearing off, but often causes a reaction based on acute withdrawal – the body’s response to no longer having the drug in the system. This usually results in a crash or intense withdrawal symptoms that are often the opposite of the feelings the drug induces.

Cocaine (including crack) and ecstasy (also known as MDMA, E, or X) are two types of drugs with distressing crash symptoms. However, it can be difficult to determine which comedown is harder to handle, because the drugs produce different effects, and therefore result in somewhat different comedown symptoms.

Avoiding the Crash

Crashing from cocaine or ecstasy is not likely to result in death, even if severe symptoms sometimes make it feel that way. However, especially with long-term use of these drugs, the comedown can become more and more uncomfortable, and the cravings experienced during withdrawal can encourage continued use of these drugs, which can result in addiction or life-threatening consequences, such as overdose.

Because of this, a person who is struggling with use of either of these drugs can get help through research-based treatment where the individual can learn to manage cravings and begin the path to recovery, resulting in the potential to escape the cycle of drug use, gain control over substance abuse, and look forward to a more positive life of abstinence from cocaine or ecstasy.

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