Ellen-Jo (EJ) Boschert brings more than 30 years of experience fostering change management, building successful teams, and shaping and strengthening company culture for multistate, multisite healthcare organizations to the American Addiction Centers’ corporate leadership team.

She’s held healthcare executive positions in a variety of settings, including addiction medicine, optometry and ophthalmology, and elective surgery, among others.

Prior to joining AAC, EJ served as the COO for Mid West Vision Partners in Chicago, where she supported more than 135 service providers, 1,300 team members, and more than 70 clinics in 5 states. She was also COO and chief experience officer for Colonial Management Group, LLP in Florida, where she developed and led a team made up of more than 1,100 people in 78 locations across 22 states.

In her role at AAC, she provides leadership and strategic direction while guiding the company’s development and building on its commitment to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Career Highlights

  • Chief operating officer, Mid West Vision Partners
  • Chief operating officer and chief experience officer, Colonial Management Group, LLP
  • Chief operating officer and chief experience officer, Vision Group Holdings

Areas of Expertise

  • Building successful teams
  • Fostering change management
  • Shaping and strengthening company culture
  • Patient experience expert
  • Strategic vision creator
  • Multi-site leadership
  • Leadership development
  • Mergers and acquisitions