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While it is true that there are numerous drugs of abuse that are part of the general drug abuse epidemic in the United States, governmental authorities tend to target one drug to anchor the overall issue in the public mind. For instance, New York Governor Cuomo has created a special a task force to combat heroin and prescription opioid abuse.

New York, like much of the Northeast, is currently facing a heroin and prescription opioid abuse epidemic. The governor’s task force appears to mainly be devoted to educating the public on the many deleterious consequences associated with heroin and prescription opioid abuse. The task force is composed of experts, including clinicians, policy advocates, teachers, parents, and New Yorkers who are in recovery. This expert task force holds public listening tours across New York to recommend law and policy changes, educate the public on current laws and policies, provide drug use prevention education, and advocate for treatment services for those in need of them. New York state maintains a current calendar of Public Listening Tour Dates.

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