Marijuana( Weed) : Forms & the Ways They Are Taken

Different forms of use of marijuanaMarijuana ( Weed, Herb, Pot, Grass )

Marijuana is a hallucinogenic substance that has been in use for thousands of years, and most people have at least some inkling about what it is and what it does. After all, this drug has been thrust into public consciousness due to a legalization effort. As more states make this drug legal to both grow and use, more people are likely to know what it is and how it can work.

Forms of Marijuana Use

  • Traditional leaves
  • Powdered leaves
  • Hashish
  • Tea or juice
  • Tincture
  • Honey butane oil
  • Shatter
  • Wax

However, people might be surprised to learn that there are all sorts of different types of marijuana, and all of those marijuana types are used in different ways. These are some of the top marijuana types that tempt users today:

Traditional leaves

People who want a typical, traditional marijuana experience might stick with plain marijuana leaves, stems, and buds. All of these parts of the marijuana plant contain active chemicals that can latch onto receptors in the brain and deliver a potent high.There are all sorts of different ways in which to use marijuana leaves. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana bits can be rolled into cigarettes and smoked. The bits can also be placed into a specially designed water pipe, and the vapors can be inhaled. Marijuana users can also place bits into empty cigarettes and cigars, and smoke those substances. These are all easy, low-tech ways to get a marijuana high. But there is a major side effect. Marijuana comes with a distinctive scent, and that scent is easily dispersed when the drug is smoked. People who wish to avoid detection may need to try another method, as they will get caught when the smell hits the air.
People takes Marijuana leaves for typical and traditional marijuana experience

Powdered leaves

When marijuana is smoked in a cigarette or pipe, users hope to keep bits of the drug intact. When the fragments are small, they tend to scatter, and that makes for a wasteful drug experience. But there are some people who want to make marijuana smaller. These people put marijuana through a mill or grinding process. That powder can then be used in edible marijuana products, such as ice creams, cookies, and candies. The fine powder delivers the marijuana punch, but it does not detract from the silky feel of the product in the mouth when it is eaten.



People who do not wish to deal with the scatter and mess of a traditional leaf-based marijuana product may choose to stick with hashish. This is a product that contains the sticky resin of the marijuana plant. That resin can be sold in chunks, or as the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids points out, hashish can also be dried and pressed into balls or cakes. That glob of material, no matter what format it is in, can be pushed into a pipe or bong and smoked. Since hashish does not contain inactive organic ingredients, like leaf cellulose, it is considered a much more powerful version of marijuana. It also produces a smell when it is smoked


Tea or juice is another method of taking Marijuana

Tea or juice

Marijuana can work well when it comes into contact with the lungs, but it can also work on any part of the digestive system, including the stomach. Teas and juices allow people to push the active ingredient in marijuana into the body, without irritating the lungs with smoke. Teas and juices may also have an odor that is easier to mask.An article in Yahoo News suggests that marijuana tea can be quite popular in other countries, and some people might encounter it for the first time when they are on vacation. But it is not an overly efficient way to take marijuana. The drug can take up to an hour to take hold, the report says, and it can last for up to 8 hours. That could leave some people incapacitated when they need to do things like drive, work, or take care of children.


Tincture allows the power of the marijuana to come through without the risk of lung irritationTincture

This is another edible form of marijuana, and according to the Portland Press Herald, it is growing in popularity among people with medical conditions. They may believe that the marijuana helps their medical conditions, but they may not want to smoke the drug. A tincture allows the power of the drug to come through without the risk of lung irritation.A typical tincture is made with simple glycerin and marijuana leaves, and it can be drunk as is. The taste might be slightly uncomfortable and off-putting, but the power of the drug is certainly present with this method. As with tea or juice, this is a method that can overwhelm a person’s body for hours, and that process is difficult or impossible to speed up or stop. People who use tincture can expect to be under the influence for long periods.

Honey butane oil

This marijuana format contains no honey at all, but it is yellowish and glossy, as is honey. Hence, its name references its appearance. This drug is made by evaporating butane through a screen of marijuana. The residue left behind is a mixture of butane and honey, and it can be smoked in a pipe or through a vaporizer.Honey butane oil Marijuana form that contains up to 80 percent THC

According to Get Smart About Drugs, this form of marijuana can contain 40-80 percent THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). Most marijuana cigarettes have only 15-20 percent THC.



Butane oil is one of the most powerful and dangerous Marijuana product

This makes butane oil one of the most dangerous substances available today. The drug is just remarkably powerful, and there is no antidote or serum that can stop the high when it starts.




Shatter is a Marijuana product that passes drugs power of the dose in one massive hit


This is another marijuana product that is created through extraction. Producers run a solvent, such as butane or propane, through buds of marijuana, and when the process is complete and a substance is left behind, that substance is spread on a sheet until it cools and dries. That sheet can then be broken into shards that can be sold individually.The Huffington Post reports that shatter pieces have up to 80 percent THC. People who use shatter must buy or make a specialized bong that has a bowl or nail on one end. That piece is heated with a butane torch, which vaporizes the glass. That delivers all of the power of the dose in one massive hit. It can be devastatingly dangerous, as the high can be overwhelming.


Wax is 30 times more addictive and dangerious then standard marijuana forms


Just as marijuana extractions can make glass-like or honey-like substances, they can also make substances that are firmer and a little more like wax. These products are also meant to be smoked, and reports that wax can be 20-30 times more potent that standard marijuana formulations. That makes these drugs very addictive and very dangerous. That is especially true as wax products contain byproducts of the solvents they were made from. Butane could be deeply damaging to the brain, as could any of the other solvents used in the production of these products.



Every form of marijuana is dangerious for mental health and bodyMarijuana in any form is simply not safe for the average person to use. It changes brain chemistry in ways that are unusual, unpredictable, and sometimes permanent. The solution does not involve looking for new and novel ways to take this drug. The solution involves getting free of marijuana addiction altogether, and therapy can make that happen. A qualified addiction treatment professional can help people build up new sober habits that persist. If you are addicted, it is time to get that help. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to marijuana, call us today at to get help. Sunrise House Treatment Center in New Jersey is ready to help you overcome addiction.

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