Well-Known NJ Addiction Specialist Dr. Constantine Diakolios Joins Sunrise House Treatment Team

Sunrise House Treatment Center has expanded its medical team to include one of New Jersey’s top addiction specialists. Dr. Constantine Diakolios has detoxed more than 30,000 patients in his 15-year career, and is a 2018 fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, a distinction given to leading members in the field. He is also board certified in addiction medicine and was among the first physicians in the state to offer his patients suboxone, the gold standard of treatment for opioid addiction. He also specializes in high-risk patients and those struggling with pain management in the midst of their addiction.

Dr. Diakolios joins Dr. Evangelos Christodoulou as co-medical directors at Sunrise House. The two have a history of working together to achieve the best patient outcomes. Dr. Christodoulou is a board-certified psychiatrist, while Dr. Diakolios has an internal medicine background. CEO Jim Zuravnsky also worked with both physicians for over 10 years and was excited to bring the team back together.

Addiction Specialist Dr. Constantine Diakolios Joins Sunrise House Treatment Team“We are honored to have someone of Dr. Diakolios’ expertise on our team,” said Jim Zuravnsky, Sunrise House Treatment Center CEO. “He could’ve worked anywhere, but he chose Sunrise House based on our long-standing reputation for high-quality addiction treatment. His addition to the team means we now have two of the top addiction specialists in the state caring for our patients.”

When Dr. Diakolios was the medical director of Summit Oaks Hospital, the facility received several accolades for their high-quality care, including national recognition as a 2019 Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Blue Distinction® Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery. Prior to his tenure at Summit Oaks, he supervised a start up detox unit –  Promesa Inc., located in the South Bronx, New York City  –  where he also served as the medical director. Dr. Diakolios brings that same commitment to clinical excellence to Sunrise House Treatment Center. Since joining the team this month, Dr. Diakolios has already made some enhancements to the treatment protocols, including updating the rehab policies to provide the most comfortable detox process for patients.

“My treatment approach is based on the premise that patients need more education than they do medication,” said Dr. Diakolios. “I want to do more than just help them get off the drugs or alcohol. It’s important for me to give them the tools on how to stay sober for life.”

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