Sunrise House Staff Masking it Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many more problems than simply the disease itself—there’s the economic toll it’s wrought on families and businesses, the heavy strain it’s put on hospitals, and the devastating effects the isolation has had on many people’s mental health. With this effect on mental health has come an uptick in substance abuse.  

But while many people may recognize that they need rehabilitation treatment, they may be justly concerned about the safety of spending time in a residential treatment facility with the ongoing pandemic. That’s why Sunrise House Treatment Center is fully committed to safety during these unprecedented times—for the well-being of our patients and staff and for the peace-of-mind these precautions provide. 

Safety Protocol 

Sunrise House and all other American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) facilities have a Health Protection Committee (HPC) to create and outline strict hygiene precautions and ensure they are being followed completely, as well as emergency plans to respond if anyone’s health becomes compromised due to the novel coronavirus. 

Upon admittance to Sunrise House, each patient undergoes rigorous screening to detect COVID-19. Not only are they tested, but recent travel history is also tracked and potential contact with infected people is discussed and considered before they are admitted. Patients that test positive will not be admitted to treatment. Test results are 100% confidential under compliance to the HIPAA. 

Any staff member that feels ill or has encountered an infected person or visited an area of concern is required to remain in isolation for 14 days with no symptoms before returning to work, per CDC guidelines. 

In addition to the already stringent daily disinfecting procedures undertaken by the staff at Sunrise House, regular deep cleanings, including fogging and sanitation have been mandated. Masks are required when in any common areas and social distancing protocols are strictly enforced. Masks must cover both the nose and the mouth and be pulled tight around the sides of the face. 

Regular outside events at Sunrise House and non-essential off-campus activities have been halted for the time being. Essential family therapy sessions or visits are held over the telephone or held in isolated rooms to limit potential exposure. 

If you or a loved one is considering addiction treatment, please reach out to an admissions navigator at  to discuss rehabilitation at Sunrise House or another American Addiction Centers’ facility. You can rest assured knowing that the staff is taking all the necessary precautions to keep patients safe from COVID-19 while still providing the excellent care that enables them to stay sober long after treatment ends. 

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