Changing the Face of Addiction Walk Celebrates Recovery

The staff and alumni from Sunrise House Treatment Center are leading by example, literally, walking the walk to show the community that addiction doesn’t define who you can become.

Together, this past weekend, they joined The Center for Prevention and Counseling’s “Changing the Face of Addiction Walk” in Franklin, NJ. In addition to raising awareness about addiction and recovery, the gathering also celebrated a Sunrise House staff member’s recovery milestone.

Joe Gayle, a treatment advocate supervisor, is celebrating his 25th year in recovery and his 17th year as an employee of Sunrise House. Gayle was inspired to be a part of the Sunrise House team to show others the benefits of recovery.

“As long as you walk your path to recovery with an open heart and open mind, you can accomplish anything,” said Gayle. “Sobriety has given me the life I once dreamed of, and thanks to AA, Sunrise House, and fellowship through events such as this addiction walk, I am still fulfilling those dreams today.”

By sharing their story, alumni are helping to reduce the stigma of addiction that prevents so many from reaching out for help.

“One of the most important aspects of recovery is the community and our alumni relish the opportunity to not only be with one another but to immerse themselves in the entire local recovery community,” said Brianna Louis, alumni coordinator at Sunrise House Treatment Center.

The Center for Prevention and Counseling hosts the Changing the Face of Addiction Walk fundraising event each year to provide prevention, counseling, and recovery resources to the community.

When walkers crossed the finish line the fun continued at the Sunrise House Treatment Center facility during an outdoor BBQ. Alumni were able to share their recovery stories with patients currently seeking treatment.


“The Changing the Face of Addiction Recovery Walk is a cause Sunrise House will continue to support because that’s exactly what we need to do – change the face of addiction,” said Marcey Davis, interim CEO of Sunrise House Treatment Center.

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