First Look: Resolutions Franklin

Welcome to Resolutions Franklin a new American Addictions Center facilityComing soon in our Sunrise House area, a new American Addictions Center Sober Living facility: Welcome to Resolutions Franklin.

New Recovery Opportunities

Resolutions Franklin is an all-new, 10-bed facility focused on an all-male population. Located just 16 minutes away from Sunrise House, this beautifully re-designed facility will be equipped with several amenities to provide an atmosphere of home and healing to our clients transitioning their lives on the road to recovery.

Resolutions Franklin welcomes its clients with compelling, open layouts, large common areas for gatherings and meetings, and ample seating for getting together. This aesthetically inviting facility draws its patrons in through the use of creative décor and all the comforts of home one would need to focus on recovery and wellness.

The contemporary kitchen is designed to meet the needs of the clients, as well as inspire them towards developing fundamental life skills around nutrition, cooking, and self-care. Clients can get together to craft meals and share them family style in their common areas. Commercial-grade stoves and refrigerators provide all the space needed to practice new culinary masterpieces.Traditional home feel design in Resolutions Franklin

Gathering spaces with televisions, tables, and couches are ample, making it a warm and inviting space. With its welcoming blend of the traditional home feel and the lightness of design, clients entering Resolutions Franklin really will feel they are getting a fresh start.

With plenty of gathering space inside plus wide backyard space outside, the stage is set to learn how to live again and have a little fun while doing it. Clients can enjoy barbecues together, or even host alumni events on site.

With Sunrise House so close to Resolutions Franklin, the facility offers transportation to ease the process of integrating them to and from community events, such as the Enjoy Life series, as well as provide the ability to participate in the IOP programs offered at Sunrise House during the day. Resolutions Franklin seamlessly partners with the client to help them achieve the graduated independence they so desire to achieve.

Clean, airy, and bright, Resolutions Franklin is an ideal location to help clients successfully work on their aftercare plans and re-integrate themselves into life again.

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