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    • testeves
    New Jersey Expands Role of Paramedics for Opioid Victims

    Take note! There’s a new development in addiction medicine, which the Washington correspondent for Stat News calls “a potential paradigm shift” and a “bold program”. And New Jersey is the…

    The Rate of Youth E-Cigarette Use in Each State

    Tobacco products are thought to be safer than illicit substances, but they still pose extreme risks to those who use them. These products contain nicotine, which is an extremely addictive…

    • testeves
    Benefits of Animals in Addiction Treatment

    Growing up, we probably all heard the same conversation happen between our parents. “ We are not getting a puppy. We are absolutely not getting a puppy. We don’t need…

    • testeves
    Facing the Signs of Addiction

    Its something that you think will never happen to you. It will never happen to your family. Not to your children, not to your spouse. It’s never something you start…

    • testeves
    New in New Jersey: Read and Heed that Label

    The red color should grab your attention. This post should help too. It’s all about a new initiative in New Jersey, signed by the governor and meant to underscore a…

    • testeves
    Mind(fulness) Over Matter

    Mistakes can be haunting, can’t they? Especially the mistakes of drug and alcohol abuse in the mind of one who struggles with mental trauma. Like a never-ending movie reel, playing…

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    • testeves
    First Look: Resolutions Franklin

    Now open in our Sunrise House area, a new American Addictions Center Sober Living facility: Welcome to Resolutions Franklin. New Recovery Opportunities Resolutions Franklin is an all-new, 10-bed facility focused…

    Suits Against Sacklers Swell: NJ Jumps In

    The owners of Purdue Pharma – the Sacklers – are heading to court. Make that plural – courts, many courts. Actions are mounting against them in legal circles around the…

    Who Develops Addiction?

    Addiction is a disease that millions of people around the world struggle with on a daily basis. The root causes of addiction have been misunderstood throughout time, but the topic…

    Drug Arrest Statistics: Minimum & Maximum Sentences by Country

    Illicit drug use is a problem around the world, and law enforcement agencies are continuously devoting a significant amount of time and resources to combat it. While it is true…