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    • testeves
    Mind(fulness) Over Matter

    Mistakes can be haunting, can’t they? Especially the mistakes of drug and alcohol abuse in the mind of one who struggles with mental trauma. Like a never-ending movie reel, playing…

    • testeves
    First Look: Resolutions Franklin

    Now open in our Sunrise House area, a new American Addictions Center Sober Living facility: Welcome to Resolutions Franklin. New Recovery Opportunities Resolutions Franklin is an all-new, 10-bed facility focused…

    Suits Against Sacklers Swell: NJ Jumps In

    The owners of Purdue Pharma – the Sacklers – are heading to court. Make that plural – courts, many courts. Actions are mounting against them in legal circles around the…

    Who Develops Addiction?

    Addiction is a disease that millions of people around the world struggle with on a daily basis. The root causes of addiction have been misunderstood throughout time, but the topic…