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    • testeves
    Benefits of Animals in Addiction Treatment

    Growing up, we probably all heard the same conversation happen between our parents. “ We are not getting a puppy. We are absolutely not getting a puppy. We don’t need…

    • testeves
    Facing the Signs of Addiction

    Its something that you think will never happen to you. It will never happen to your family. Not to your children, not to your spouse. It’s never something you start…

    • testeves
    New in New Jersey: Read and Heed that Label

    The red color should grab your attention. This post should help too. It’s all about a new initiative in New Jersey, signed by the governor and meant to underscore a…

    • testeves
    Mind(fulness) Over Matter

    Mistakes can be haunting, can’t they? Especially the mistakes of drug and alcohol abuse in the mind of one who struggles with mental trauma. Like a never-ending movie reel, playing…