Sunrise House Resumes Medallion Ceremonies

On May 20, 2023, Sunrise House Treatment Center welcomed back alumni for an in-person medallion ceremony. These meaningful monthly celebrations were paused during the pandemic, making this the first medallion ceremony at Sunrise House in 3 years.

Sunrise House alumni who have found and maintained their recovery, celebrated with their families, friends, and supportive Sunrise House staff.

Medallion Ceremonies at Sunrise House

Any alumni celebrating at least 1-month of sobriety can participate in medallion ceremonies at Sunrise House. To honor each person’s achievement, individuals are called up one at a time to receive a coin marked with their sobriety anniversary.

Honoring and celebrating each person’s recovery achievement is an important aspect of recovery. This ceremony allows participants to remind themselves and each other to take sobriety one day at a time.

Medallion ceremonies begin with an opening speaker followed by a presentation ceremony. Each celebrant is invited to bring a loved one up to the presentation podium to present them with their coin. Celebrants can briefly share their experiences, strength, and hope when they accept their coin.

Refreshments are provided and after the medallion presentation, a closing speaker brings the ceremony to a close.

Who Attends Medallion Ceremonies

At Sunrise House, alumni celebrating an anniversary as well as alumni who are not celebrating are welcome to attend medallion ceremonies. Guests of celebrants are also invited to attend.

These events offer the alumni community fellowship and well-deserved applause for each person’s recovery milestone.

Registration is required for all attendees, including guests.

Meaning Behind the Sober Medallion or Coin

Although each medallion or coin marks the amount of time a person has remained sober, these objects represent much more than calendar days. In addition to celebrating a person’s achievement, a medallion can be a source of strength.

Many people keep their medallion on their person so when a craving or urge for drugs or alcohol arises, they can touch the medallion and find strength as well as be reminded of their success in their recovery journey.

Each organization may use different coin designs, but they all serve the same important purpose.

Alumni Program at Sunrise House

In addition to our medallion ceremonies, Sunrise House and other American Addiction Centers facilities also host other alumni events. Weekly alumni meetings occur on Wednesdays at our drug rehab in Lafayette, New Jersey, and seasonal alumni events are posted on our Facebook page.

American Addiction Centers also provides a confidential and free recovery app to support alumni after they have completed treatment at one of our facilities.

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