Affordable & State-Funded Rehab Programs in NJ

New Jersey has a variety of substance abuse treatment options. In order to help the largest possible population, the state itself offers government funding to subsidize treatment programs, typically through nonprofit organizations. Additionally, several nonprofits across New Jersey offer many services to help low-income individuals overcome addiction, as part of their mission statement.

List of Affordable Rehab Options in NJ

  • America’s Keswick Colony of Mercy
  • Center for Family Services
  • CURA, Inc.
  • Excel Treatment Center
  • Genesis Counseling ServicesList of affordable drug rehab centers in NJ
  • Lighthouse Recovery
  • Maryville
  • Wilson’s Treatment Services for Women
  • New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care
  • Princeton House Behavioral Health
  • Services to Overcome Drug Abuse Among Teenagers, Inc. (SODAT)
  • Somerset Treatment Services
  • Summit Behavioral Health
  • Turning Point

One report on New Jersey’s treatment programs shows that there are currently 619 programs offering beds for residential treatment for low-income and uninsured people – 3,079 residential programs in general, and 6,190 outpatient treatment programs.

State funded drug rehabs in NJ

State-Funded & Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Options in NJ

    • America’s Keswick Colony of Mercy: This faith-based ministry and inpatient rehabilitation program offers comprehensive, religious addiction treatment for men, with support groups for wives and families. Aside from a $500 enrollment fee, the treatment program is free.
    • Catholic Charities Hope House: This religious-based charitable rehabilitation program serves both adolescents and adults. Bilingual counseling is offered as well as support groups for peers and families. Catholic Charities also offers case management services for seniors, clients living with HIV/AIDS, and low-income families. Since the charity is faith-based, the focus is on affordable programs that fit the mission of the church.
    • Center for Family Services: This large nonprofit is funded by several charitable giving trusts and organizations as well as individual donations. Substance abuse recovery services also receive state and county funding and accept Medicaid. Since the group’s focus is on the family, their substance abuse recovery services focus on healing the entire family, not solely the person struggling with addiction. CFS offers adult and child substance abuse treatment services and education programs to help prevent substance abuse problems.
    • CURA, Inc.: The Communidad Unida para la Rehabilitacion de Adictos (CURA) is a 501(c)(3) Hispanic Community-Based organization, offering affordable Spanish and English rehabilitation services to the Hispanic community of New Jersey. Programs include both short-term and long-term residential, traditional outpatient, and therapeutic community rehabilitation and recovery.
    • Excel Treatment Center: This privately-owned treatment facility offers comprehensive, individualized treatment for adolescents and adults. This includes evidence-based treatments like medication management for safe detox. The group offers competitive self-payment plans and options, including a financial review with detailed information about potential financial obligations.
    • Genesis Counseling Services: This organization provides DUI treatment and education, and early intervention counseling for those worried about substance use patterns or those worried about loved ones. They also provide individual and group substance abuse counseling. The group’s commitment to treatment means everyone has the option of sliding scale payments regardless of insurance coverage.
    • Lighthouse Recovery: This compassionate and comprehensive rehabilitation program offers detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient services, and family support. The group understands that affordability is a concern for many people seeking addiction treatment, so in addition to accepting in-network and out-of-network insurance, Lighthouse helps with scholarship, healthcare financing, and payment plans.
    • Maryville: This comprehensive addiction recovery service offers medically monitored detox, intoxicated driver education, residential, and outpatient treatment options. The rehabilitation group accepts state and federal funding for some of its programs, and guides eligible individuals toward these services. They also offer discounted rates for those self-paying.
    • Wilson’s Treatment Services for Women: This is a woman-only inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment organization. The privately-owned nonprofit program offers affordable, sliding scale help for eligible women entering treatment. The organization specializes in individual, couples, and family therapies, with a halfway house, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient rehabilitation program options available. Services are evidence-based, but alternative therapies are offered to complement the rehabilitation services.
    • New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care: This organization offers comprehensive care for substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and gambling addiction. The focus of New Hope is that one-size treatment does not fit everyone. The organization offers services for federal, state, and county organizations, and also has grant-funded rehabilitation services for those in need of financial assistance.
    • Princeton House Behavioral Health: With several locations across New Jersey, Princeton House offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services for adult men, adult women, adolescents, children, families, and older adults. The group accepts major insurance plans, and has value and self-pay options for those who need financial assistance.
    • Services to Overcome Drug Abuse Among Teenagers, Inc. (SODAT): This nonprofit group works on affordable, effective, and compassionate substance abuse treatment. SODAT receives charitable funding from individuals, groups, and trusts, and also accepts state and county funding. They help adolescents and adults overcome co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems through outpatient counseling, student and employee assistance programs, primary and secondary prevention programs, education outreach, parenting and family services, and programs geared specifically to children, adolescents, adult men, and adult women.
    • Somerset Treatment Services: This organization focuses on community programs in Somerset County, NJ. The group offers treatment to all individuals who need help overcoming the physical, emotional, or psychological consequences of substance abuse or HIV/AIDS. The treatment and counseling center primarily focuses on outpatient treatments, including case management and medication assistance. Affordability for all is the focus of this community partnership program.
    • Summit Behavioral Health: Available programs include medically monitored detox, residential rehabilitation, and outpatient programs for adults and teenagers. These comprehensive rehabilitation programs cover alcohol use disorder, illicit drug abuse, prescription drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders. In addition to private insurance and self-pay options, Summit helps finance rehabilitation options for those who do not have insurance and/or cannot self-pay the entire cost.
    • Turning Point: This charitable, comprehensive alcohol and drug abuse treatment program offers sliding scale services. Turning Point is evidence-based and provides detox, short-term residential, outpatient, halfway house, transitional living, and family wellness services.

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