Why the Veteran’s and First Responders Treatment Program can be Beneficial

One-size-fits-all doesn’t always apply to everything. It would be easy if it did. But the truth is, everyone is unique in their own way. And those battling a substance use disorder or an alcohol use disorder and are reaching out for help, more than likely need treatment tailored to their specific needs. This could be based upon many variables, including medical history, substance of use, and even their living situation to name a few.

Sunrise House Treatment Center is an American Addiction Center’s (AAC) treatment facility. And AAC is the nationwide leader in addiction treatment. Located in New Jersey, Sunrise House provides an exceptional and effective rehab experience for those needing help, especially for veterans and first responders. We offer the Veterans program, which allows former service men and women the opportunity to work through sobriety with individuals who’ve shared the same types of experiences.

Qualifying professions for the program:

  • Police officers.
  • Firefighters.
  • Correctional officers.
  • Military veterans (all branches).
  • Correctional officers.
  • Dispatchers.

Benefits of the Veterans program:

  • Many staff members are veterans (can empathize with military experiences).
  • Designed to address specific challenges that impact lives of veterans and the cycle of addiction, alcoholism, and drug abuse.
  • Participants encouraged to support one another.
  • Treated alongside first responders and other veterans.
  • Helps participants to process trauma.
  • Provides tools to productively solve conflicts and to communicate feelings of anger.
  • Provides counseling that involves family members to help you to heal those relationships.

Sunrise House uses evidence-based therapies and treatments. This includes motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and cognitive processing therapy. With qualified counselors, doctors, and therapists at the helm to lead our Sunrise House programs, you can rest assured that you’re guided with the utmost of care. We even offer alternative therapies such as art and music, which complement our standard therapies.

Sunrise House doesn’t just provide specialized programs for veterans and first responders, but they also provide programs for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as gender-specific programming. Sunrise offers lectures and curriculum groups that are focused on the specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ patients. Having to overcome discrimination based on sexual orientation and substance abuse comes with its own unique set of obstacles. Being in the care of medical professionals who understand these obstacles can make all of the difference.

Likewise, men and women face addiction through a unique set of lens based on their gender. For example, these gendered differences may reveal themselves through triggers for substance abuse. To help with these potential obstacles,  Sunrise House offers gender-specific programs that allow for both the men’s and women’s groups to meet once a week to address problems that are applicable to them.

The goal is always to help individuals to live a long-term life of sobriety through healthy and productive choices. Sunrise House Treatment Center offers a staff of capable medical professionals, therapies, and treatment programs to accomplish such a goal. With the understanding that every individual is unique and should be treated as such, patients get their needs met while gathering the proper tools to be in recovery.

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